Random Tuesday Thoughts…

Just a few things I have on the brain today…

-I finally have a title!  So why Thoughts Inside The Box?  It’s sort of a take on “thinking outside the box,” based on what I do at job 2, working the service desk.  We refer to it as “the box” so since I spend a lot of time there…well there you go.

-Discovered my new favorite BB app, iheart radio.  Now I can listen to one of my favorite NYC radio stations (Z100) while barricading myself in the office storage room doing year end inventory.  If only it didn’t burn so much battery power…

-Speaking of radio…discovered a new favorite station yesterday, Crush I think it’s called.  The tag line is “The 90s and More” which is more or less what I grew up on.  Funny thing is I was chastizing the former station on that channel for playing Christmas music November 1st through New Years weekend, now I think I know why…gotta love format changes.

-Another resolution I sort of made was to continue to get in shape (much like about 90% of the rest of the world).  I joked before Christmas I wanted a gym membership to burn off all the junk food I was eating.  Well somebody was listening…sort of.  As part of joining my company’s Wellness program there is a drawing every quarter for some pretty good prizes.  Sure enough, I was the winner for the 4th quarter!  I got an Adidas duffel bag containing workout DVDs (yoga, Pilates, Taebo), a yoga mat, an exercise ball, a strength training ball, and resistance tubing.  So now instead of going to the gym I can actually work out at home.  At least if I give up I can say I didn’t waste any money…

-Just read about Michael Leighton being reassigned to Adirondack by the Flyers.  Kind of have mixed feelings on this one.  One of my all time River Rat players is now suiting up for probably the biggest rival.  He plans on playing over the weekend but not tomorrow night against the Devils in Albany.  The one guy I kind of feel sorry for in this situation is Brian Stewart.  Here is the newly named AHL Player of the Week who may now be looking for somewhere else to play because of Leights’ demotion and Johan Backlund getting healthy.  I wonder how this situation will play out…

Alright I’ve rambled enough for today…getting ready to close said service desk tonight, will probably post some game-related info tomorrow…until then…


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