Free Tacos and Hitting the Garden State

Good morning!

Before I pack up my travel bag and hop the bus to New Jersey (more on that in a minute), let’s recap last night’s activities in downtown Albany…

Very good performance by the Devils last night.  The boys finally got their first Albany win since November (with the December “home” win in Atlantic City in between) beating Syracuse 2-1.  Adam Henrique had a goal and an assist, Matt Anderson potted the game winner in the 3rd.  Mike McKenna was nothing short of spectacular in net, there was one point he was practically doing backflips in the crease to keep the Crunch from scoring.  There was even a couple of scraps from Louis Robitaille (who takes the helmet off after finishing the fight…normally that’s the first thing you do…only growing your turtle reputation more among East Division foes, just saying) and Brad Mills (dominating performance I may add).  Best part, all 2844 in attendance (that’s way over the average, I’m impressed) get a free taco from Taco Bell (joy…I miss my free Panera Bread sandwiches from the Rats days).

Now to today…one of the perks of having a Devils season ticket (or in my case half-season) package is getting a free game ticket to a selected NJ Devils game.  The first game was on a weeknight in December, then there were two other options, today or January 23rd against Florida.  Since I will be in Wilkes-Barre visiting the Checkers on the 23rd, I chose today’s game against the Lightning.  I got a deal through the front office for bus transportation from Yankee Trails, so basically this whole trip is costing me $30.   This is my first trip to the Prudential Center, I’m hearing good things about the building.  Also it’s my first NJ game in about 7 years back during the Devils first regime here…you know when it was exciting to go there.  How the times have changed, I used to count down about a month or 2 in advance to when I went to New Jersey.  Now, it’s like oh ok we’re going to New Jersey.  I pretty much know what’s going to happen, they’ll lose and only score 1 goal.  That’s all I’ve seen them do the past month or so.  But the good part is seeing the players I watched and got to know here in Albany (Clarkson, Parise, Elias, White) as Rats, plus see this year’s guys (Sestito, Palmieri, Tedenby).  I probably won’t tweet the game like I do here, I’ll check in here and there…and get as many pictures as I can.

Okay, have to do some reading…I may send an entry from the bus on the way home, we’ll see how things go…


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