Bowling With The Devil(s)

Today was one of those afternoons that you wished could happen more than just once a year. The bowlathon with the Devils was a lot of fun…just wished the lane I was on cooperated a little more (the ball return kidnapped my ball quite a few times). I was paired with Dan Kelly and Nathan Perkovich (who claimed he bowled in a league during his junior days…I could believe it), Adam Henrique was on my set of lanes as well. Everyone bowled 3 games on one lane (normally you use one pair but I guess to have room for everyone we used only one). My ball just wasn’t working today, got robbed of a few strikes and kept getting splits. Nathan was on his game and did beat me, Dan and Adam did ok. The guys started really getting into it during the second game (just as the beers started kicking in), Jeff Frazee sat near us and became the chief trash talk instigator (with his injury he didn’t bowl). Even Harry Young cracked a smile at one point, right before he threatened three teammates for messing up his concentration. Louis’s son Kayden tagged along and tried to bowl (with Daddy’s help of course), a few of the players’ significant others joined in as well. Devil Dawg showed up to cheer everyone on. There were some door and raffle prizes available that I didn’t win, but a couple of players cashed in. Jacob Josefson won a Recovery Sports Grill gift card (of course just being sent down from New Jersey he never heard of it) while Jeff and Jenna (his wife) got ski passes and a Mary Kay gift basket. All in all a great time was had by everyone in attendance.

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