Some Thursday Notes

Just a few random notes on this Thursday afternoon:

-after tonight’s shift, no job 2 for at least 11 days. Got to love having vacation time to burn off. No returns, no stupid people…finally some peace.

-Last night’s game? Yeah I knew we would be in for some fun when I read the game roster and see the names Chris Brown and Jamie Koharski under referees. As my friend Jennifer put it, 2 referees=stupid squared. And that’s what we got, along with the fact the Devils probably forgot there was a game to show up for last night. Binghamton took it 3-0. The only time the light came on over the Devils’ net was when it came on accidentally during the 2nd period by itself, and wouldn’t shut off. Sadly it still didn’t count. Attendance was 1492 (but you probably could have counted on your own the real attendance, I doubt 1000 even showed up), nobody was in the box office pregame (except for the pizza guy delivering to one of the box office workers, but he doesn’t count…and of course Devil Dawg). Hopefully the guys got the stinker performance out of them, because it won’t get any easier this weekend…tomorrow night in Hershey and Saturday night in Wilkes-Barre.

-Speaking of Wilkes-Barre…2 days till I go there! Tomorrow night will be spent packing and resting up for the drive on Saturday morning. Good news is it’s actually not going to snow, but it’s going to be cold. REALLY cold. As in single digits need extra layers cold. Of course I pick the hotel within walking distance to everything, I don’t know if I’ll be walking outside all that much now. I may do an entry or two from down there time permitting.

-As for this weather…yes I live in the Northeast and should suck it up, but…does every storm have to be back to back to back weeks though? There’s still snow left over from my snow day when the all day freezing rain shows up. I actually drove through that without sliding or anything. Now another 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow before the deep freeze. Only 2 more months till spring, maybe our groundhog friend will have some good news for us first week of February.

Okay done with my rants for now…


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