Snow Day! Take 2

Happy Groundhog Day!

As we all know by now, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this morning, which predicts an early spring. To that I answer, “DID YOU EVEN GO OUTSIDE YOU LITTLE RODENT?” I’ve already put a rodent threat as my Facebook status (and 6 people agree with me). Turns out the big storm that shut most everything down, including my office, wasn’t as potent as first thought. Looking out my window, it is actually not snowing or sleeting right now. In fact, I think I cleared more snow off my car yesterday afternoon leaving in between jobs than what’s on it right now. I can even see some of my street where tire tracks would drive over. So getting the car cleaned off and shoveled around won’t take too long later today…if I can motivate myself to go outside. And the worst part is there may be not one, but two more snow events coming over the next week. I don’t know how much more white stuff I can take, we’re running out of room to put it all! We’ll probably still have snowpiles melting in June at this rate.

Checked out the AHL All-Star festivities in Hershey Monday night on TV. I’m hoping one of these years to actually travel to one of these events. Sadly with the state of things in Albany they’ll never host one, even though they have the building capacity and the accommodations to do it. Anyway on to the observations:

-No matter how hard I try, I cannot hate Andrew Gordon anymore, despite the fact he’s a Hershey Bear.

-If I have to see the Hershey Sweetest Place on Earth tourism commercial one more time…hopefully March 26th we’ll see about that. That day I am planning (if the bus trip goes) on going with the Devils Booster Club to Hershey. Chocolate World stop included.

-Very cool to see Bryan Rodney use his patented slow down shootout move in the Skills Competition. How many times during shootouts here I saw him use that with success. But the play of that was Linus Klasen’s 360 spin move…he was acting like he did it all the time.

-Almost embarassing that Devil Dawg didn’t show up for the mascot events. I mean, seriously, Hawkey from Abbotsford and Chubby from Charlotte made the trip, but ours couldn’t make the 4 hour trek? Even Dax the newbie from Adirondack showed up. Yes I’m ranting on mascots, but it’s a big marketing thing for the league.

-State of the League address is always something I like to read about. Having 2 refs for every game in the future could work…as long as you don’t pair two people who share half a brain (I’m looking at you, Chris Brown and…well, every other one with probably the one exception Jeff Smith). I’m really hoping replay does come into play soon, especially after some of the questionable goal calls I’ve seen at the TU Center over the past couple of years (thanks Nygel Pelletier and Ian Croft). And I doubt Allentown is popping up on the radar anytime soon for the Phantoms.

Looking at my February schedule…compared to January, it’s not looking too busy for me. Only hitting the TU Center 3 times this month, with 3 “home” games in Atlantic City. I do have at least one road trip planned to Springfield on February 25th (of course that’s weather permitting the way this winter is going), possibly a second depending on the work schedule. Looks like a lot of time spent on the computer for games for me (finally I found a way to work from home! haha).


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