Let The Changes Begin…

Wasn’t exactly planning a blog post tonight (but as you can see I gave the page a little makeover, changing colors, adding my Twitter feed and some links…more links to come as I think of them), but some breaking news just came up on my feed. Looks like the Devils are finally starting to make some changes to the roster, hopefully for the better? The Devils and Sharks just announced a 4 player deal, Patrick Davis and Michael Swift are off to San Jose/Worcester for Worcester captain Jay Leach and forward Steven Zalewski. I am assuming both players are coming here. Not a surprise to see Davis get traded, recently he had been a mystery healthy scratch for which a reason was never revealed (this is the Devils organization after all, nothing is allowed to leak out). Swift however I didn’t see coming, considering he was second on the team in scoring (very redundant stat in my pregame entries). I figure Leach won’t have problems fitting in here…he is a native of Altamont, just outside Schenectady. Every time his team came in to town (he’s played for Worcester, Providence, Lowell in the last couple seasons), the local papers always were quick to grab an interview with him (which is the norm with big name local guys, no matter what the sport). Zalewski I don’t know much about, he’s a native of New Hartford, NY (outside Utica, near where Tim Sestito and Nick Palmieri are from). He has decent stats, 21 points (4 G 17 A) in 50 games. Now if only the goaltending situation can fix itself…looks like Mike McKenna is staying in New Jersey at least through the end of the week, so the Trenton contingent will probably have at least 1 game in Charlotte. Hopefully the Devils can at least get a goal? After Monday night’s 4-0 shutout loss to the Penguins in Atlantic City, I did the math…they have gone 138:56 since their last goal, a Stephen Gionta tally Friday night against Hershey in Atlantic City. We’ll see how things go starting Saturday night in North Carolina.

In other news…no snow this week…yay! But it’s freaking cold out. Had to get my random weather rant of the week in. Once spring starts those will be few and far between…unless it’s like 2 years ago when it seemed like it rained every day.


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