9 Days of Devils, Day 1: And The Awards Go To…

Today the Albany Devils Booster Club held their end of year awards banquet for the team. This was a tradition with the River Rats that the new team has taken on, very fun night with the team. A variety of awards were presented, from the bowlathon to the usual offensive/defensive achievements. So without further adieu, I bring you this year’s award winners:

First up, the awards from the annual Bowlathon. Players’ high game went to Brad Mills, high series to Nathan Perkovich (TEAM PERKY! sorry he was on my lane), and finally the most prestigious of them all, low score/best effort, went to Alexander Urbom. Not revealing the number, but let’s say it wasn’t that good.

Next is what our program called “Acknowledgement of Achievements.”
-Goal Scoring Leader: Adam Henrique
-Assist Leader: Matt Anderson
-Game Winning Goal Leader (and a Taco Bell certificate since we get them for a win): Adam Henrique
-Short Handed Goal Leader: Brad Mills
-Power Play Goal Leader (and a Price Chopper gift card since they sponsor the power play): Adam Henrique
-Hat Trick: Chad Wiseman’s 4 goal game was the only one, he got a cool hat.
-First AHL Goals (each got a little award): Alexander Urbom, Dan Kelly, Andy Thomas, Ryan Ginand, Joe Sova
-First AHL Shutout (another little award): Dave Caruso

Now for the individual player awards:

The Booster Club tallied who got first, second and third stars for each game. Here are your 3 Stars of the Year:
-3rd Star: Matt Anderson
-2nd Star: Chad Wiseman
-1st Star: Adam Henrique

The next list was completely based on votes by the Booster Club members:
-Offensive Player of the Year: Matt Anderson
-Defensive Player of the Year: Dan Kelly
-Unsung Hero: David McIntyre
-Most Electrifying Player (meaning the player that gets the fans on their feet, gets them excited, etc etc.): Pierre-Luc Leblond
-Fan Favorite: Louis Robitaille

The last two awards were picked by the coaching staff (all 2 of them):
-Most Improved Player: Harry Young
-John Cunniff Memorial Award (established for the ’02-’03 season, basically it’s the coach’s award for a player that is there for the team, good in the community, etc. Ironically Trevor Gillies is a past winner of this): Brad Mills (also the team selection for the AHL Man of the Year award)

Very enjoyable night had by all, lots of laughs between Chad Wiseman’s wisecracks (SPEECH!) and Louis’s son Kayden running around playing goalie and his Lightning McQueen race cars. There was also a guest speaker, the Times Union Center’s general manager spoke with the group about how having the Devils move in has worked out…and some future event hints, including a NHL preseason game in September for the first time in probably 10 years (Devils-Rangers, cannot wait. Meanwhile Brad Mills wants to know when Monday Night Raw comes back haha).

So to explain the title: I was looking at my calendar earlier this week and noticed a lot of Devil events over the next week and a half. 7 games left in the season, all I plan on attending, plus 2 team events (tonight and the STH End of Season party next week)…comes out to 9 Devil events in a 12 day span. So I created the first annual 9 Days of Devils festival (for myself, it’s got a nice ring to it though). Days 2-5 are this weekend, 3 games (Friday in Adirondack, Saturday and Sunday at home against Charlotte and Binghamton), then Monday is the STH party (at the Crowne Plaza, business casual attire requested…hmmm). Then to finish it out for Days 6-9 are 4 games, next Wednesday back in Glens Falls, then next Friday in Springfield, final home game next Saturday against Portland, then to wrap it up Sunday the 10th in Bridgeport (a place I haven’t been since New Year’s 2006). After that, it’s keeping an eye on who makes the Calder Cup playoffs and counting down the days till Valleycats season begins in June.

Speaking of baseball…Opening Day tomorrow! Whoohoo! So does that mean spring may finally show up around here? Of course not, Mother Nature is still pissed off and is dropping another 6 to 10 inches snow on of all days April Fools Day. Not my idea of a funny joke. My new flip flops I just bought about 2 weeks ago? They probably won’t see the light of day till June at this rate. Capris and short sleeves? Yeah right not anytime soon. This has got to be the worst winter I have ever gone through. And it’s not going away wahhhh…


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