Devils Year 1 Review, Part 1: Stats…

Welcome to the first day of the offseason for me…and I get to celebrate with an 80 degree day.

So I was thinking, with the first Devils season in the books, how would I look back and review what happened. What I figured I’d do is break it down into a couple of entries. Tonight, with the daily AHL stats report as my guide, I figured I’d present some final individual and team statistics for the season and show where the team ranked in various categories. And it’s not exactly pretty. So let’s begin:


Overall: 32-42-1-5. Home: 15-22-0-3. Road: 17-20-1-2.

Leading point scorers (top 5): Matt Anderson (55), Adam Henrique (50), Chad Wiseman & Steve Zalewski (44), David McIntyre (30)

Goals leader: Adam Henrique (25)

Assists leader: Matt Anderson (32)

Plus/Minus leaders: 3 way tie between Stephen Gionta, Tim Sestito and Dan Kelly (+7)

Penalty Minutes leader: Pierre-Luc Leblond (334 minutes)

Power Play goals: Adam Henrique (8)

Short-handed goals: Brad Mills (3)

Game Winning goals: Adam Henrique (5)

Wins: Mike McKenna (14)

Shutouts: Jeff Frazee (2)

Minutes: Mike McKenna (2,062)

Save Percentage: Jeff Frazee (.902)

Goals Against average: Jeff Frazee (2.90)

Now for some league rankings:

Record: 32-42-1-5, 70 points. 8th in division, 15th in conference, 30th overall.

Attendance: Average of 3,114. 30th overall.

Penalty minutes: 1,927 for an average of 24.09 per game. 1st overall. Also 1st in minors (486), 2nd in majors (127), 1st in 10 minute misconducts (25).

Power play: 13.6%. 29th overall.

Penalty kill: 77.1%. 30th overall.

Short-handed goals: 12. Tied for 2nd.

Goals per game: 2.71. Tied for 23rd.

Goals against: 3.54. 30th overall.

Reading over the stats, I noticed something…these guys don’t behave. But seriously, it’s kind of the truth. Not being disciplined and taking lots of penalties was the team’s downfall. The goalies can only do so much with a shorthanded defense or offensive line. Something hopefully addressed for next year.

Coming soon: what I learned this season and some fun by the numbers…


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