More Preseason Planning

Breaking news this afternoon out of the Capital Region…just as I expected, Albany and Adirondack will be playing against each other in at least one preseason game. The Phantoms announced a home preseason tilt against the Devils on Saturday, October 1st at 7:00 PM at the Glens Falls Civic Center. Last season there was a home and home preseason weekend series between the two teams, so I would not be surprised if there was a chance for Albany to be the home team. Their other preseason game announced so far is against the Whale in Connecticut on September 27th.

As far as my planning goes, looks like October 1st will be my first night back live tweeting games (ironically on the 1 year anniversary of me accidentally starting to do it…all I wanted to do was get used to my new BlackBerry keyboard. Who knew what it would turn into?). Pregamers will start up again when the regular season does, since preseason games are totally random. As for the Devils-Rangers NHL exhibition game on September 21st? May do some reporting from that, probably the goal scoring and any other interesting stuff. I’m throwing around some ideas for the blog as to how the pregamer will be set up and possibly doing a Sunday recap of the week’s games, events, etc. I’ll know more when the schedule comes out, which hopefully should be in a couple more weeks (the wait this time of year is the worst). Stay tuned…


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