Friday Afternoon Links…

A couple of articles I found in the online world over the past couple of days that may have some interest:

I had a chance to weigh in at Cardiac Cane about everyone’s favorite kind of fan, the puck bunny. You know, those girls that would rather flirt up a storm and throw themselves at players than actually give a crap about the game itself? I could do a whole blog post about how I was once thrown into that category thanks to people I used to sit with at River Rats games.

Now that we’re getting ever closer to the AHL schedule release (which I think would be another week or so, it’s usually mid-August), here’s the annual summary from the AHL site about how this all gets put together.

Shifting gears for a moment to baseball…where the Valleycats manager earned himself some national notoriety earlier this week. Witness what the Times Union calls “The Blowup of Stubby Clapp.” Got to love watching managers/coaches go berserk on umpires or referees, especially when the calls just go so terribly wrong.

And finally, since there’s no new minor league Devils news to share, how about some countdowns? Because really, who’s counting? 47 days to Devils-Rangers preseason game in Albany; 53 days to Albany’s preseason start in Connecticut; 57 days to the first Adirondack matchup (preseason of course); and 64 days to the home opener, with the opponent still to be determined.


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