And It Begins…

Today marked the real first day of hockey in Albany, as the Devils kicked off their second training camp. The 14 players reassigned from New Jersey on Saturday, plus 2 additional players (D Mike Banwell, who played 4 games at the end of the season with Albany, and F Bryan Haczyk, here on an AHL contract). The Devils website has a wrap up here, including a Flickr gallery and an interview with coach Kowalsky.

Also out today, this year’s promotional schedule. And it’s pretty good. Giveaways, autograph sessions, public skates, and some concession specials fill the calendar. The fun starts on Opening Night October 8th, with a magnetic schedule to the first 5,000. There are 5 post game autograph sessions, all but one on Sunday afternoons (meaning I need to find 5 things to get autographed): October 16th, November 13th (my designated birthday game), December 4th, January 16th, and March 18th; 3 bobbleheads TBA (hopefully this time around no one gets traded before it comes out to the public) on January 28th (NJ player), February 18th and March 18th; a team poster on December 30th (and $10 tickets for all to boot); Pucks-n-Paws on March 31st, a school day game on March 28th (with a special 11:30 AM start time), GE Kids in Free on January 14th (with a free T-shirt), and at the end of the season, a Fan Appreciation Night (April 7th) and a Military Appreciation Night (April 14th).

First game is tomorrow night in Connecticut. I will not be around to check on it due to work obligations…but looking forward to starting up again on Saturday night in Glens Falls.


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