Free Agent Preparations…

Just a couple quick items this afternoon:

-Incase you missed it earlier today, myself and a few others in the Twitterverse linked an article out of Wilkes-Barre and The Citizens Voice with a pretty big list of potential minor league free agents. While everyone else is obsessing over whether Zach Parise gets resigned (it’s a must, can’t let the captain go!), I’ll be keeping an eye on this list.

-Speaking of…the Devils announced that restricted free agents Vladimir Zharkov and Matt Corrente both received qualifying offers. Not sure what’s in the cards for these two, with Corrente having another injury shortened season and all the Free Zharkov cries I heard coming from my Jersey followers. The other two restricted free agents, Kory Nagy and Timo Pielmeier, were not tendered qualifying offers. Pielmeier has already signed with a team in Germany, not to mention the virtual logjam of goalies already in the organization (still including Martin Brodeur and Johan Hedberg, both free agents). Nagy didn’t really get much playing time while I saw him here, so I’m also not surprised at his status.


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