On What Should Be The First Night of Hockey…

…when I should be getting ready to head back to downtown Albany for Devils-Rangers preseason action (thanks NHL), here I am with just a few items to pass along:

-This just in: let there be ICE.

-Earlier this afternoon, this year’s promotional schedule was released. Most of last year’s specials are back for another year, including GE Kids in Free and Devil Dawg’s birthday (hopefully NJ Devil isn’t locked out and will join the festivities again), $5/$10 tickets courtesy of Time Warner Cable (I believe the record setting crowd from last season stemmed from that), Pucks and Paws (bring your dog to the game), 3 player bobbleheads (hopefully no one gets the Bobblehead Curse and winds up overseas next season…see Michael Swift and Nathan Perkovich as examples), 3 post game autograph session/public skate days, and the return of Dollar Dawg Night (mostly on weekday games).

-A third exhibition game has indeed been added, but not close to here: on October 2nd the Devils will take on Adirondack at the Flyers practice facility in Voorhees, NJ at 2 PM.

-And finally,training camp on ice sessions officially kick off Friday morning in Newark. Still waiting on the official roster to be released.


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