There’s An App For That.

Interrupting your Election Tuesday (and I hope all my American readers went out and voted today…I sure did!) for a little followup on something I wrote about during the offseason…

Back in mid-August I wrote about a hockey app developed by players known as Shnarped, which at the time was in its early testing stages. The app is now available to the public for download via the App Store (link here). I had a chance to be one of the beta testers for the app and it has improved a lot since inception, adding more features with each new version.

I have been in contact with one of the player/developers of the app, Kyle Hagel, since the beginning, and he has been keeping me up to date on the app and any new features since its release. One new feature is the player themselves personalizing their own “stall” on the site, where not only will you find his updated stats, you can see latest tweets (for players that are on Twitter) or any other information (such as charity work) that they want to share with fans. Coming soon, a player will be able to interact with fans mobile to mobile via the “Pound” feature. Right now only fans can select Pound if they want to congratulate a player for a good game or to send a personal message.

The app has the most current data for any player currently playing in North America, you can search by name or team. If the player is actually using the app themselves, they are verified much like a verified celebrity on Twitter with the blue checkmark.

You can learn more about Shnarped by following them on Twitter at @Shnarped or by going to the App Store and downloading the free app.


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