A Little Christmas Treat…

(or, I was bored of watching the Giants losing miserably to the Ravens, went on YouTube, and…)

As is standard around the league, most teams like to put out some funny, embarassing holiday video with their teams in it, wishing fans a happy holiday, Merry Christmas, etc. Being probably the most serious team in the league, you won’t find that in Albany. So for kicks, time to share what some of the opponents have done…and point, laugh, and facepalm accordingly.

First, where better to begin than the bad singing of our neighbors to the north?

If only they could repeat the video from two years ago…or stick to the cheesy 80s songs

Two Ask the Team videos from Syracuse. First, the favorite gift:

And these guys need to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas again.

Moving a little further west to Rochester and the 12 Days of Hockey with the Amerks…

A little out of tune, but just as entertaining as bad Gangnam Style, especially when a moose outdances you. Apologies if anyone gets Psy stuck in their head.

Moving down south to the former River Rats/now current Checkers from Charlotte:

Oh Zach and Blanch, don’t ever change. But it doesn’t top the Vanilla Ice on-ice dance number from the beginning of the season…or goalies in ugly Christmas sweaters.

But the winner of this year has to be the Rockford IceHogs 12 Days rendition.

Don’t know any players on that team since Albany doesn’t travel west of Rochester, but it’s a classic.

(Edit: I do know someone in Rockford! That would be former River Rat Wade Brookbank as one of the 5 fighting Hogs)

UPDATE: Apparently the Crunch also need to re-read Twas The Night Before Christmas…


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