Some Special Holiday Greetings…

Since my December events photo gallery didn’t work out (I ended up taking less photos than planned…and the photos I did take weren’t exactly publish-worthy), I thought I’d bring back a holiday tradition from last season…how other teams around the league are celebrating the Christmas season.  Since you’ll never see it here, of course.

Let’s start with the defending Calder Cup champs out in Grand Rapids.  Sorry, boys, N*Sync you’re not.  Not even close.

Taking a page from their parent club in San Jose, Worcester has a couple of good ones.  First, their rendition of Jingle Bells:

And then Rudolph.  Well, sort of.

The annual Rochester Americans 12 Days of Christmas rendition.  Sigh.  And yes, that is Patrick Roy’s son with the 5 power play goals.

But your winners this year have to be our old friends in Charlotte.  First, a warmup:

And then we have this.  Yes that would be Matt Corrente, former Devil, in the back row joining the chorus:

But at least some of these players could probably do a better job at naming Santa’s reindeer than Cam could.  For those that missed it or just want to enjoy it again here’s the link.

And on that note…“Swiss men don’t sing.”

Merry Christmas (or Happy Festivus) to all!




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