No Words.

You know how Facebook has that On This Day feature?  The one where you can look back on posts from years ago?

When I checked mine this morning, I saw my memories from my first AHL All Star trip to Utica (and my first ever trip to Turning Stone) two years ago.

And then I see an article I shared from Puck Daddy from 2010…back when the rumors of the River Rats moving to Charlotte were starting to take hold.

Who would have guessed exactly 7 years later I’d find myself in the same situation?

The news broke via the Times Union about an hour or so ago…what I had read a couple of weeks ago then reminded by several people about a week and a half ago…may really be happening.

And for the second time in 7 years…I don’t have a team.

But why?  A 3 year extension was announced last season, the arena is being remodeled, by all accounts things seemed…okay?  I get it, the attendance clearly wasn’t there.  The media barely covered the team.  It seemed like no matter what was tried…you can’t compete in a college town, which, even though Albany is the capital of New York State, is more into basketball…especially college/HS…than a pro hockey team.  RPI and Union offer the same entertainment for much less.  And downtown Albany at night?  That’s a different story for another day.

Lesson learned: Support your minor league team, no matter the time or cost.  Don’t take it for granted.  You never know, one day they’ll be gone.

As for the future of this blog…it’s too early for me to make any decisions.  Let’s see how everything plays out first before I decide.

Oh, and I’ll be in Allentown for All Stars, so please feel free to give me your best sales pitch as to why I should join your bandwagon…


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