Branching Out…

Normally, this would be around the time that I would lay out my plans for how I would be covering the regular season, with Opening Night just days away.

But this year…it’s going to be very different.  Without just a single team to focus on, and taking on multiple ones, how is the best way for me to do that?

It used to be quite simple: pregamer, live tweeting, weekly recap, and any extra stories in between that couldn’t wait till the next gameday.  Now, it looks to be just more on the extra stories front.

AHL-wise, what I’m hoping to do is attending (or attempting to watch on AHL Live) one to two games a week, kind of like a Game of the Week feature.

Not to mention…I’m branching out beyond the blog coverage.

I have accepted a roster spot on a relatively new website, Inside AHL Hockey, as the North Division correspondent (and maybe some New England mixed in as well).  I’m not sure how often I’ll be writing over there, likely at least one article a week.  Only catch with that is…you have to subscribe to the site to read it.  But trust me, it’ll be worth it.

As far as Adirondack goes…I may do more coverage of the Thunder here, such as a weekly recap or any breaking news during the week.

And I had mentioned possibly a few posts about my travels…stay tuned for some venue reviews!

As far as live tweeting games…I’m pretty much retiring from full on tweeting like I used to do with the A-Devils.  But there will still be some form of game tweets, depending on where I am.

Any photography by me, which I’ll organize by game or by week, will be over on my Flickr page.

So it may not be what you’re used to reading…but it’s a new beginning.  The next chapter is here.





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