About The Box

What is Thoughts Inside The Box?

I started this blog in January 2011 as a New Year’s resolution.  Since I was 7 years old, my goal in life was to become a writer in some capacity.  I started out wanting to be a book author, but as I got older I thought journalism was in my future plans.  Unfortunately, real life stalled that.

But with the age of the Internet and social media…finally I have a platform!

At first the plan was for it to be a basic random blog.  But eventually it became all things Albany Devils, who at the time were in their first season in the AHL.  And for the next 5 or so years, it was all of that.

Then came late January 2017…and the blindside move to Binghamton happened.

Once the last of my A-Devils stories hit, I didn’t know what to do next. I tried covering all of New York for a little while, then I got two amazing opportunities to expand my reach: I joined Raw Charge after Adirondack partnered with Tampa Bay and Syracuse, and also Inside AHL Hockey to cover the North Division. I made the decision to put this space on hold.

But…it’s time to go back.

So stay tuned and see what The Box has to offer.  You may not find a lot of hockey, since I do that in other places, but more…random offerings when the feeling strikes.

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