2014-15 First Half By The Numbers

With last night’s out of nowhere comeback 2-1 overtime win against the Falcons, Albany officially hit the midway point of the schedule.  Before the second half begins tomorrow night in Allentown, let’s take a look at the team’s progress so far this season:

Record: 17-14-2-5, 41 points.  4th in the Northeast Division, 9th in the Eastern Conference, 17th in AHL

Home: 11-6-1-3
Road: 6-8-1-2

Team Leaders: (top 3 skaters)

Goals: Paul Thompson (18), *Joe Whitney (14), Reid Boucher (10)
Assists: *Joe Whitney (19), Paul Thompson (14), Scott Timmins (13)
Points: *Joe Whitney (33), Paul Thompson (32), Reid Boucher (20)
+/-: Paul Thompson (+13), Graham Black/Stefan Matteau (+7), Brandon Burlon (+5)
Penalty Minutes: Darcy Zajac (65), Brandon Burlon (56), Dan Kelly (54)
Power Play Goals: *Joe Whitney (6), Reid Boucher (5), Mike Sislo/Paul Thompson/Graham Black (4)
Power Play Assists: *Joe Whitney (10), Brandon Burlon (8), Reid Boucher (6)
Shorthanded Goals: Paul Thompson/Mike Sislo/Darcy Zajac/Ben Johnson (1)
Shorthanded Assists: Paul Thompson/Scott Timmins/Kelly Zajac (1)
Game Winning Goals: *Joe Whitney (4), Scott Timmins (3), Paul Thompson/Graham Black (2)
Shots on Goal: Paul Thompson (124), *Joe Whitney (91), Reid Boucher (85)

Wins: *Keith Kinkaid (7)
GAA: *Keith Kinkaid (2.19)
Shutouts: *Keith Kinkaid/Scott Clemmensen (1)
Save Percentage: *Keith Kinkaid (.923)


Team Stats: (with league rankings)

Penalty Minutes: 675, Avg. 17.76/game (11th)
Power Play: 16.9% (11th)
Penalty Kill: 80.5% (26th)
Goals For: 2.66 (20th)
Goals Against: 2.82 (19th)
Shots For: 29.18 (17th)
Shots Against: 28.76 (10th)



Devils Season 4 in Review, Part 1: The Stats

It’s that time again, the annual Year in Review.  As I have done the past three seasons, I will break down the year in 3 parts: the stats, some fun with numbers, and a few memories of the season gone by.

Welcome to Part 1, Final Regular Season Stats for the 2013-14 season.  A playoff version (part 1A, if you will) will follow upon conclusion of the playoff run, whenever that is (hopefully not anytime soon).

Record: 40-23-5-8, 93 points.  Home: 24-9-3-2.  Road: 16-14-2-6.

Leading Point Scorers (Top 5): Joe Whitney (53), Kelly Zajac (44), Mike Sislo (41), Scott Timmins (39), Reid Boucher (38)

Goals: Mike Sislo (23)

Assists: Kelly Zajac (32)

Plus/Minus: Corbin McPherson (+16)

Penalty Minutes: Seth Helgeson (100)

Power Play Goals: Mike Sislo/Reid Boucher (7)

Short-Handed Goals: Rod Pelley/Mike Sislo (2)

Game Winning Goals: Stefan Matteau (4)

Wins: Keith Kinkaid (24)

Shutouts: Keith Kinkaid/Scott Wedgewood (4)

Minutes: Keith Kinkaid (2518:58)

Save Percentage: Keith Kinkaid (.912)

Goals Against Average: Keith Kinkaid (2.29)

Full listing of individual stats: Skaters. Goalies.


Record: 40-23-5-8, 2nd in Northeast Division, 5th in Eastern Conference, 10th overall.

Attendance: 3,360 average, 27th.

Penalty Minutes: 1,045 minutes for an average of 13.75 per game.  25th.

Power Play: 16.2%, 21st.

Penalty Kill: 82.7%, 14th.

Shorthanded Goals: 7, tied for 8th.

Goals For/Game: 2.89, 16th.

Goals Against/Game: 2.54, 6th.

Shots For/Game: 28.13, 25th.

Shots Against/Game: 25.42, 2nd.

As always, I used the same categories as the last three seasons.  Looking back over those three seasons to now, I’ve noticed that every year the points total has improved, from the low-mid 70s the last three years to a new high of 93 this season.  They added 9 wins over last season’s record and reduced losses by 9 (not including 4 shootout losses).  Goaltending and defense have steadily improved, dropping a full goal per game since 2010-11 (from 3.54 to 2.54 this season), while the offense has gone from 2.5 goals per game to almost 3 goals this season.

Special teams also have seen more success as well.  The penalty kill has gone from dead last in 2010-11, at 77.1%, to 82.7% percent this season.  After a horrid power play last season at an 11.3 percent success rate, they improved by 5 percent this year to 16.2.

Another category of improvement would be in the penalty department.  The first season saw an average of 24 minutes per game (well, when you have Louis Robitaille and PL3 on the same team, what do you expect?), now nearly 11 minutes less per game at 13.75.  It seems every year the team is becoming more disciplined on the ice, and although there are some stupid penalties that still come up here and there, it’s not hurting the team in the long run.

Parts 2 and 3 are coming soon, I may hold off on those until after the playoff run ends.



2013-14 First Half Review: By the Numbers

Friday night in Utica marked Game #38, the official halfway point of the 2013-14 season.  Before kicking off the next 38 games, let’s take a look at the Devils’ progress so far this season:

Record: 22-11-3-2, 49 points.  2nd place in Northeast Division, 4th place in Eastern Conference, 7th in AHL

Home: 12-6-2-0
Away: 10-5-1-2

Team Leaders (Top 3):

Goals: Joe Whitney (16); Reid Boucher*/Mike Sislo (10); Scott Timmins (9)
Assists: Joe Whitney (20); Kelly Zajac (17); Scott Timmins (13)
Points: Joe Whitney (36); Mike Sislo/Scott Timmins/Kelly Zajac (22); Reid Boucher* (18)
+/-: Reece Scarlett (+11); Dan Kelly/Seth Helgeson/Corbin McPherson (+10); Mike Sislo/Scott Timmins (+9)
Penalty Minutes: Seth Helgeson (63); Dan Kelly (53); Chris McKelvie (47)
Power Play Goals: Joe Whitney (5); Reece Scarlett (4); 2 others with 3
Power Play Assists: Joe Whitney (11); Kelly Zajac (7); Reid Boucher (6)*
Shorthanded Goals: 4 tied with 1
Shorthanded Assists: 3 tied with 1
Game Winning Goals: 3 tied with 3
Shots on Goal: Joe Whitney (108); Harri Pesonen (80); Reid Boucher (69)*

Wins: Keith Kinkaid (15)
GAA: Keith Kinkaid (2.22)
Shutouts: Keith Kinkaid (4)
Save Percentage: Keith Kinkaid, .915

Team Stats (with league rankings):

Home Attendance: 2,906 (28th)
Penalty Minutes Average: 15.21 (21st)
Power Play: 16.8% (16th)
Penalty Kill: 81.6% (19th)
Goals For: 121, 3.18 (5th)
Goals Against: 97, 2.55 (5th)
Shots For: 28.26 (22nd)
Shots Against: 26.08 (2nd)

Comparing last year at this time to now?  Let’s take a look:

-Obviously in the win column.  7 more wins with 6 less shootout losses, for starters.

-Attendance is down by about 800, but last year there was the lockout to contend with.  And not a lot of big home dates early on.  But next weekend at home…and continuing play, and hopefully some better marketing, may change that.

-Much improved power play numbers, up 6 percent (I haven’t had to break out the power outage jokes in quite awhile).  But the penalty kill is down about 3 percent.

-The one thing I was worried about at the start of the season?  Goal production.  An increase of 22 goals over this time last season has calmed those fears down.  Goals against continues to improve over the years, as goals against has gone down by 8 thanks to Keith Kinkaid’s surge.

Second half begins tonight in Adirondack.  And the real test of whether this resurgence continues on begins.

Devils Year 3 In Review, Part 1: The Stats

Welcome to my 3rd annual Devils year in review. As I have done the last two seasons, I will be presenting the season in review in three parts: stats, some fun with numbers, and what I learned on and off the ice.

Right now we’ll start things off with Part 1: Final Stats for the 2012-2013 season.


Record: 31-32-1-12, 75 points. Home: 14-16-0-8. Road: 17-16-1-4.

Leading Point Scorers (top 5): Joe Whitney (51), Matt Anderson (43), Steve Zalewski (41), Harri Pesonen (31) Bobby Butler (27)

Goals Leader: Joe Whitney (26)

Assists Leader: Matt Anderson & Steve Zalewski (30)

Plus/Minus Leader: Joe Whitney (+13)

Penalty Minutes Leader: Tim Sestito (106)

Power Play Goals: Joe Whitney (6)

Short Handed Goals: 4 players tied with 2

Game Winning Goals: Joe Whitney (5)

Wins: Keith Kinkaid (21)

Shutouts: Keith Kinkaid (2)

Minutes: Keith Kinkaid (2644:19)

Save Percentage: Jeff Frazee (.916)

Goals Against Average: Jeff Frazee (2.58)

Full listing of individual stats can be found here: Skaters. Goalies.


Record: 31-32-1-12, 4th place in division, 12th in conference, 24th overall.

Attendance: 3,860 average, 27th.

Penalty Minutes: 1,163 minutes for an average of 15.30 per game. Tied for 18th.

Power Play: 11.3%, 29th.

Penalty Kill: 81.1%, 25th.

Short Handed Goals: 10, 7th.

Goals For/Game: 2.54, 23rd.

Goals Against/Game: 2.96, tied for 22nd.

I used the same categories as the last two seasons and once again, there have been some slight improvements from the season before. Standings-wise, not much change, just two extra standings points due to more losses after regulation. And for the first time, not last place in the division! Attendance saw a jump of about 400, thanks to some corporate season ticket initiatives. You could say the lockout had something to do with it, but actually some of the biggest crowds of the season came after the NHL resumed. A slight dropoff in penalty minutes, and that was even with the addition of Cam Janssen after the All Star Break (he actually came to play, not mix it up), so there was a little more disciplined play (well, other than the occasional Sestito Penalty…I’ll explain that later this week). Power play definitely had its issues, with a dropoff of 3 percent (not having Eric Gelinas early in the season hurt, among other factors), while there was a slight improvement in the penalty kill (which really saw a drop off as the second half of the season rolled on…at one point the kill ranked #3 in the league). Goals for and against did not change much from last year…offense was definitely still an issue, with only Joe Whitney as a real goal scorer (one can only wonder if Bobby Butler did stick around all season instead of being lost on the waiver wire…or even if Adam Henrique had stayed healthy during the last two months of the lockout). Again, it’s an issue that I hope will be addressed during the offseason. Goaltending, no matter who was in net, was really not an issue. It will be interesting to see who comes back between the pipes next season.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Fun With Numbers…

Midseason By The Numbers

Wednesday night the Devils played game #38, the official halfway point of the 2012-13 season. Before we begin the second half of the season on Friday, how about assessing the team’s progress so far?

Record: 15-14-1-8, 39 points. 4th place in Northeast Division, tied for 12th in the Eastern Conference (with St. John’s), tied for 25th in the AHL (with St. John’s)

Home: 7-8-0-5
Away: 8-6-1-3

Team Leaders:

Goals: Bobby Butler, 15
Assists: Adam Larsson, 15; current roster leader: Steve Zalewski/Matt Anderson, 13
Points: Bobby Butler, 24
+/-: Joe Whitney, +11
Penalty Minutes: Tim Sestito, 55
Power Play Goals: Bobby Butler, 5
Power Play Assists: Matt Anderson, 7
Shorthanded Goals: Jacob Josefson, 2; current roster leader: 3 tied with 1
Shorthanded Assists: Jacob Josefson/Tim Sestito, 1
Game Winning Goals: Mattias Tedenby/Bobby Butler, 3
Shots on Goal: Bobby Butler, 99

Wins: Keith Kinkaid, 12
GAA: Keith Kinkaid, 2.43
Shutouts: Keith Kinkaid, 2
Save Percentage: Keith Kinkaid, .915

Team Stats (with league rankings):

Home Attendance: 3,752 (27th)
Penalty Minutes Average: 15.16 (21st)
Power Play: 12.2% (27th)
Penalty Kill: 84.5% (9th)
Goals For: 99, 2.61 (18th)
Goals Against: 105, 2.76 (12th)
Shots For: 31.13 (9th)
Shots Against: 28.66 (8th)

When I set up the list, I used the same format as last year…and ended up doing some comparisons. The biggest difference was definitely more on the defensive side of things. For example, last year at this time the penalty kill was near the bottom of the league (at the time 77.5%). This season it ranks in the top 10 (at one point, they were standing at #3 in the league). Goaltending has improved as well, as Kinkaid and Jeff Frazee have combined to lower the team GAA from 3.05 (also near the bottom of the league) to 2.76. Technically, if you were to take out the shootout loss goals, the real GAA is 2.55, which would have put the team in the league top 10. Slight improvement in goals for per game and shots per game, and a small decrease in penalty minutes (down a full minor penalty) average as well. And thanks to a front office initiative to sell more season tickets and the lockout, attendance has improved by almost 800 a game (yes the Atlantic City crowds count in that too).

Second half kicks off tomorrow up in the North Country, followed by what is shaping up to be a big day Saturday afternoon. Let’s hope the defense and goaltending keeps up what they’re doing…and maybe just a little more offense…